Monday, April 4, 2011

Cake Pops Galore

I've got a bunch of cake pop orders coming up.  One of which is for a Red Egg and Ginger Party.  Its a celebration in the Chinese culture when parents hold a celebration to introduce their latest addition to friends and relatives. The eggs are a symbol of fertility, renewal of life, unity and harmony.  They are dyed red as a symbol of good luck.  The ginger adds a bit of hot spice to the yin and yang because of traditional Chinese food.  The baby's mother is thought to need this yang after the tiring process of giving birth. 

Chris and Fred are ordering a total of 200 cake pops.  They really liked my hello kitty cake pops and wanted me to make them baby tiger cake pops since their daughter Taylor is born in the year of the tiger.  I was able to make a sample for them and they were happy with how they came out. As soon as I complete the order, I'll upload the pics...but here's a pic of how the tiger cake pops will look like.  Raawr. 

 I also have another huge cake pop order the following weekend.  Joanna and Glenn are throwing their daughters, Gennesys and Gianna a combined birthday celebration and they asked me if I would make Hello Kitty cake pops.  I'm so excited since I love sharing my sweets and seeing the family.  Its always a great time with the Mandapats and Barlaans. :)  

I'll be posting pics as I continue to work on the orders and blog about helpful tips when making the cake pops too.  Its taken me about a year to get a technique down with these cake pops and I'm happy to share the tips I've learned along the way. Til then, happy baking. 


  1. What did you use to decorate the features of the tiger cake pops? I would like to try to make some for my son's birthday party since he was born in year of the tiger. I see the circle sprinkles, heart ones.... but what did you use for the ears? Thanks!

  2. Hi Amy. I used orange candy bracelets which I found at Party City and cut them in half. For the nose, I used white confetti sprinkles and smaller white confetti sprinkles for the eyes, using a black edible ink marker for the pupils. For the nose, I used brown rainbow sprinkles but the picture above uses black heart sprinkles. Hope that answers all your questions! :)

  3. Hi Kat! Came across your blog and I love your tiger cake pops! What brand of edible ink marker are you using? I've tried the Wilton brand and it does not work at all, very frustrating and a waste. Hoping to make this for my son's birthday party as well. :) Thanks for you help!

  4. Hi LeReen,
    I use the Americolor Edible Ink Markers. :)I'm pretty sure you can find them on amazon. Let me know if you have any more questions!