Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Cake Decorating Classes

I recently took a 4 week cake decorating class with the bf's sissy at our local Michaels.  It was tons of fun and our instructor Gloria was awesome! She was very patient and allowed plenty of time for practice.  She taught us plenty of new techniques and I worked on perfecting my novice piping skills.  "Its all in the wrist!"

 At the end of the course, we learned how to make roses using buttercream.  Unfortunately, I made mine a bit too thin so my roses looked like they were wilting.  I tried decorating my homemade marble cake with as many techniques I learned throughout the course.  Here it is for your viewing pleasure:

 As you can see, there are stars, dots, a shell border, roses, petals, and writing.  My daughter, Kylie requested a smiley face on there.  She wanted it a bit bigger but there wasn't much room left.  :( These techniques are a bit harder than they look but I'm glad I know how to do them now and which tips do what.  I've been trying to figure that out since I got that 52 tip kit from our Kris Kringle last Christmas.  LOL. I won't be taking any orders soon, but maybe after I take my next class:  Gum Paste and Fondant!  I start today so I'll keep my blog updated with plenty of pics.  I can't wait.  ;)

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