Friday, May 6, 2011


My boy sent me this link yesterday:  Let's Cupcake in San Francisco will be giving away free cupcakes on Tuesday, May 31st 2011.

Wanna Cupcake for FREE?

The Let's Cupcake Free Cupcake Day
Enjoy a free cupcake from 11am to 9pm

...Come join us on Tuesday, May 31st 2011 as Let's Cupcake celebrates a pre-opening to our grand-opening we want you to come by and try our SOON TO BE famous cupcakes for FREE. Come swing by the brand new "Let's Cupcake Cafe" in San Francisco and preview the cafe, the people, and of course the cupcakes.

Let's Cupcake
2255 Judah St.
San Francisco, CA

The Let's Cupcake Cafe and our mission:
To be everything you didn't expect at a cupcake cafe, bringing the community together through beautiful art, music, great coffee, and even better cupcakes. A place where people can eat, drink, study, sing, work, and play all at the same time. Where artist can express themselves through creative art and poetry, where starving musicians are no longer starving for a place to play, where a 21st century world doesn't have to have 19th century internet, where coffee is actually good and afforadble(spell check pls!) where a starving community can satisfy its hunger for delicious affordable cupcakes. 

Umm.  Hi.  I didn't know that I was giving away free cupcakes.  LOL.  I guess this means that I'll have to come up with an even better logo.  Sigh.  Any recommendations?


  1. does your cute cupcake cafe have gluten-free cupcakes too?

  2. Hi Dede,
    I'm actually not associated with the letscupcake cafe and in the process of renaming this blog. However, my next baking adventure includes a gluten free cupcake. Recipe to follow shortly. :)